The Game

GODS is all about high adventure, magic, exploration, unforgettable quests and mythical battles. It is an epic and captivating Dark Fantasy game that lets players embody heroes and forge their legend in a dark, epic, brutal and gigantic world filled with blood sorcerers, hauling barbarians, legendary heroes and mythical creatures.

A collaborative game

Unlike many RPGs, where each player creates their own character and makes them evolve on their own, GODS attaches a real importance to the relationships that unite the players around the table and to the social and collaborative aspects of the game. Whether they are all part of a Mercenary Guild, a Horde of Barbarians, a Wanted cult of Wizards or a bunch of mystics from a shaman tribe, the characters form what is called a Group. A community with collective abilities, shared resources and common goals. Voting phases and optional rules are also designed to allow players to have an influence not only on the game, but also on the world and its evolution.

A campaign game

Suitable for short scenarios and “one-shot” sessions in the traditional “short story” format of Dark Fantasy and Sword & Sorcery, GODS is also conceived as a “campaign” game, made to run long nights of adventures. A few sessions won’t be enough to discover all the secrets of the Wildlands! In addition to the many lists of powers, rituals and divine abilities that the game offers to let the characters evolve, the rules invite players to set their own goals, and have a significant influence on the game. The players have a true responsibility in the way the game unfolds. The choice between various Game Modes allows players to start the game at Heroic level, then play in Epic Mode or Legendary Mode, to explore even more dangerous regions and face more and more powerful enemies.

A game of secrets

GODS is one of those games that contain secrets. No big revelations, parallel universes or upheavals, but many plots, hidden agendas, political intrigues, shadows and myths related to the Gods. It is better for players to gradually discover those, in order for them to enjoy the progress of their characters and their discovery of the game. The various secrets related to the universe are contained in a book intended solely for the Gamemaster, with a lot of useful informations: scenarios, bestiary, characteristics and motivations of the major personalities of the universe. Players can read the entire Core Rulebook without taking the risk to spoil the in-depth discovery of the Wildlands and the fun that comes with it.

A horror game?

With its rather dark narrative and the grim atmosphere of some of its visuals, GODS is a game of Dark Fantasy, not a game of horror. Because GODS contains visuals and thematics that may create discomfort or offend certain players, the game is aimed at mature and knowledgeable players. Whether it is within the texts or the artworks, the authors have chosen to assume a certain degree of violence, nudity, deviance and potentially shocking themes that are part of the codes of Dark Fantasy. Those aspects are necessary to establish the gritty atmosphere of this imaginary world.


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