What is GODS?

GODS is a Dark Fantasy tabletop roleplaying game created by Bastien Lecouffe Deharme & Julien Blondel.

The game invites the players to impersonate heroes seeking high adventure in the Wildlands, a brutal land abandoned and forgotten by the gods. From single one-shots adventures to big-scale campaigns, GODS will offer a variety of game modes and provide with a modern and adult gaming experience, supported by a d10 system that favors gameplay, narrative and fun without leaving simulation and realism aside.

GODS is above all a game based on adventure, epic quest, and exploration: a journey to the far reaches of the Wildlands, its lost cities, titanic scenery, primeval forests, and forgotten ruins. Attached to the standards of Dark Fantasy, the game is full of action, magic, rituals, and epic battles. It will satisfy players with a taste for atmosphere, mystery, diplomacy with a subtle dose of poetry. A brutal world, epic and dark, where fighters, shamans, thieves and other heroes often have to write their legend in blood.

The Gods have deserted the Wildlands.

Destroyed, exiled, forgotten. Fought by the First Men, in their thirst for freedom and drunk with pride.

It is the end of the First Age and the beginning of the Second. The time of Oblivion. The new civilizations clash with each other, among the ruins of ancient cities and abandoned temples, vestiges of an era of lost greatness.

The Cult of the Black Sun imposes its law, spreading the Sacred Words of the Prophet, folding empires under the obscurantist dogma of its Unique God.

At the dawn of a new Dark Age, hesitating between the glorious ambitions of Men or the fall into barbarism, it is this brutal world that the characters of GODS will shake.

Heroes, legends in the making, carrying feared and coveted Shards, strange objects with unusual powers. They are the Chosen Ones in search of their own power. Respected by some, despised by others. Condemned and hunted down by the Cult through the Wildlands.

Welcome to GODS!