The Wildlands…

A land so vast no cartographer could ever map it all.

A land that was once the playground of giants and fantastic creatures, and where humans are building empires and civilizations. They build their cities on the gigantic ruins left by the previous inhabitants of the land. They build on the vestiges of a past of another scale. They build their cities to protect themselves from the wilderness and the dangers of the land.

A vast and wild land of danger and adventure.

The Wildlands have been abandoned by the Gods. From the small villages to the cities and capitals, men are left to fight for their survival. Their fate is in their hands, and civilizations seem to collapse faster than they grow. The grim Cult of the Black Sun is spreading like the plague, preaching the Words of the One, and providing answers to the men and women in need of some, in exchange of their allegiance.

Untamed, the Wildlands call for heroes. Men and women chasing their own destiny. Adventurers courageous or crazy enough to take on the roads and uncover the dark secrets left behind in the ruins a forgotten world.

Stairs with gigantic steps leading down to dusty corridors, blocked by impenetrable doors engraved with esoteric signs. Towers built and abandoned between mountains, harassed by crows whose silence sounds like a warning to the most courageous travelers. Underground libraries containing impious knowledge. Tombs of exiled heroes, buried with their steel and their forgotten secrets. Shamans and hermits whose prophetic words were lost between dementia and knowledge. Remote temples and altars dedicated to forgotten gods.

These are the mysteries of the Wildlands, the ones that shine the eyes and run the blood of the most reckless adventurers.


Purple Guard by Pierre Raveneau